Commodity Derivatives provides a range of risk hedging solutions to corporate clients whose business is highly correlated with commodity prices (producers, refineries and transport companies, for example). It also provides investors with access to commodities through various investment strategies and structured solutions.

Our commodity indexed transaction team (OTC group) and commodities futures team are positioned globally to provide risk-management, investment and underlying solutions across all commodity derivatives.

  • OTC risk-management solutions
  • Execution, clearing and cash-management services
  • Investor products
  • Market intelligence and strategy
  • NeoLink provides extensive online reporting and post-trade solutions for BNP
  • Paribas Commodity Futures clients.


Providing liquidity for primary issues and secondary flows, BNP Paribas has more than 250 credit traders operating from 10 trading hubs worldwide, supporting clients across a variety of credit disciplines, including research and strategy, origination and syndication, sales and trading.

  • Credit products in all global core currencies
  • Flow: high-grade and high-yield cash and derivative products
  • High-grade, crossover cash and derivative products, iTraxx and CDX, hybrid and bespoke solutions
  • Specialised staff in fundamental credit research and portfolio strategy
  • More than 30 timely credit research and portfolio strategy publications
  • Sector and company-focused recommendations and trade ideas
  • Liquidity provision for multiple markets
  • Competitive pricing, with limited market disturbance


BNP Paribas’ Equity Derivatives teams provide structured solutions to its broad clientele including retail customers, corporate clients, banking networks, institutional investors, asset managers… The teams deliver customised or exchange-traded structured products to meet their clients’ capital protection, yield and diversification needs. BNP Paribas Equity Derivatives also provides appropriate and innovative investment and hedging strategies in equity markets across the globe, as well as financing solutions. With over 1,400 front-office staff across five platforms, the business is active in both the primary and secondary markets.

  • Fully integrated Asian equity brokerage solutions offer research, execution and connectivity for a range of Asian equity products and their derivatives
  • Execution services for single orders, baskets and sophisticated trades across structured products, flow & financing and strategic equity
  • Seamless access to 50+ exchanges worldwide
  • Our equity derivatives solutions offer a comprehensive suite of post-trade services/secondary market, prime brokerage and prime services


BNP Paribas’ global FX platform offers a complete suite of products and services to meet clients’ investment and hedging needs. Operating in all major trading hubs, we offer sales, trading, research, strategy, prime brokerage and electronic capabilities.

  • A fully integrated FX platform, with 24 hour market coverage from dedicated regional based teams
  • Extensive research, strategy, forecasting and analysis
  • One of the highest-rated and best capitalised global FX prime brokers in the world
  • Onshore presence in more than 80 countries through the groups branch network
  • Strong CEEMEA and LatAm presence
  • Comprehensive electronic markets capabilities provided by the bank’s Fixed Income platform, Cortex (coverage includes, NDFs, options and algorithmic execution)


BNP Paribas is recognised as a leading bank with a truly global reach within the interest-rate and inflation markets. We offer clients a fully integrated service that gives investors and liability managers access to the bank’s liquidity and leading rates solutions.
With more than 600 dedicated interest-rate professionals spread across strategy, trading, structuring and sales, BNP Paribas offers a complete suite of rate products from vanilla flow and structured products to hybrids.

  • Flow/vanilla: Asset/liability swaps, swaptions, cap/floors, constant maturity swaps
  • Structured/Exotic: Path-dependent, volatility and range accrual swaps and notes, CMS products and multi-index notes
  • Hybrid: Credit-linked, FX linked
  • Dedicated team of interest rate strategists and economists producing structured rates trade ideas, short and long-term forecasts, intra-day analysis and strategies
  • Electronic rates trading is available through our fixed-income platform, Cortex


BNP Paribas offers a complete range of proprietary indices and strategies across commodities, credit, equity, FX and rates, as well as alternative and multi-asset indices.

  •  Access new markets and market themes
  • Outperform benchmark indices using systematic quantitative models
  • Optimise the risk/return profile of existing indicies via discretionary and/or systematic models

Clients can also access a wide range of products linked to the performance of our indices – from delta-one to structured products via swaps and options, with solutions on both the asset side and the liability side.


Our team of world-class experts offer clients in-depth research, original investment ideas and comprehensive market coverage of all regions, sectors and asset classes. Our fixed-income research team consists of more than 175 specialised economists, strategists and analysts who apply pioneering quantitative techniques to deliver up-to-the-minute, fixed-income insight and local-market expertise to our corporate and institutional clients.


  • Macroeconomic
  • Market economics
  • Credit research
  • Strategy and analytics – rates, credit and FX


The Market Economics team of experts offers real-time, in-depth analysis of the fundamental economic questions affecting your business. From interest-rate, growth and inflation forecasts to local market happenings around the globe, we offer client-oriented insight into the events shaping the world economy.

  • Local knowledge, global vision
  • First to spot emerging trends
  • Global economic forecasts
  • Immediate, client-oriented market commentary
  • In-depth economic and political analysis


BNP Paribas provides you with an extensive range of post-trade services that ensure full transparency when evaluating your investments across the different capital-market asset classes. Our advanced solutions help you easily and efficiently manage your portfolio at any time, with the support of our dedicated global network of client services teams.


A global multi-asset portal to value your investment products and portfolio

  • View all your historic product valuations and trades
  • Daily online valuation system


BNP Paribas Prime Brokerage provides a fully integrated front-to-back solution for alternative and traditional investment managers.


Your access to BNP Paribas’ comprehensive cross-asset electronic trading, market intelligence and post-trade tools and services.


Cortex offers institutional and corporate clients access to an intelligent suite of cross-asset tools and trading applications. Whether you are looking for market research and pre-trade analytics, access to the bank’s liquidity or trade execution for a variety of fixed-income products and services, Cortex is the platform designed to give you the freedom to concentrate on taking advantage of every trading opportunity.

SMART derivatives

Smart Derivatives is BNP Paribas’ comprehensive online equity derivatives trading application. Combining connectivity to the bank’s investment strategies, primary/secondary trading products and post-trade services, Smart Derivatives is the fully integrated platform for equity derivative investors.

BNP Paribas Electronic & Algorithmic Trading Services

BNP Paribas offers electronic and algorithmic trading services on cash equities, futures and listed options to our global trading desks. The platform provides cutting-edge algorithms which are tailored to local markets and parameters to meet investors’ specific needs. Access to the BNP Paribas global platform is available via most EMS/OMS trading systems, including REDIPlus® which is integrated into the BNP Paribas US Prime Services Platform.

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